My Name Is Ari, I’m 28 years old, internet entrepreneur and engineer. I currently live in the middle of nowhere Connecticut with my wonderful wife. I’m just a regular guy who enjoys video games, computers, traveling, hanging out with family and good friends and just being positive and enjoying life.


That’s my beautiful wife and I at Niagara Falls!


This particular blog, www.arikabilo.com is a blog where I post reviews for products in the internet marketing/make money online area that I believe you will really benefit from. You will find helpful information here and I always say that information is the key to success (I might have heard that somewhere). If you stay well informed you will make smart decisions. Let’s keep you smart!


My Quick Backstory

I’m originally from Albania, a small country in Europe.  I moved to the United States when I was in 5th grade, 10 years old. I have had a wonderful adventure living in Connecticut. I went to school at the University of Connecticut, where I got to be part of 2 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships.  At UConn I studied mechanical engineering and have been working as an engineer in the aerospace industry. I worked with jet engine fan blades and with the gears that drive the system. It is “cool” to say you are part of the engines that fly people around the world but, I wanted to be those people on the planes traveling instead.

I wish I could tell you I was living the dream, but you know that is not true. I did not enjoy waking up before the sunrise and coming home in the dark. I spend all the daylight hours inside a building. Aerospace engineering is very fascinating but it was never really for me. It simply just wasn’t my calling, and on top of that, I was not happy spending 13+ hours a day making someone else rich. This did not sit well with me. I took action and changed my life drastically.


Seeing An Opportunity

About 2 and a half years into my engineering career, one of my good friends from school mentioned to me how he was finding great ways to earn money online. He told me about following a course on creating my own articles and posting them online. At first, I did not want to believe that it was so easy to make money. I have learned so much since then.  All I had to do is want it bad enough and take action.


My good friend suggested things such as selling novelty custom design mugs online. I was shocked when I made my first sale on Etsy and Amazon. I remember being so happy I created a record number of designs that day. As time went on I started to get more sales and this was all happening on the side. I still had my full time job so this was a great bonus and I was having a blast.


How I’m Going To Help You

So, after years of seeing the opportunities out there to help people improve their lives in both mind set and financially, I decided to create this blog to serve as a hub to help you improve your life financially as well as change your mind set to live a happier, more stress free life. You can expect anything and everything from:

  • Getting your mind set right
  • Motivational material to overcome fears and accomplish goals
  • Goal setting methods
  • Ideas for starting  a side hustle (maybe you only want to make another $50-$1000 a month)
  • Ideas for starting a side business (maybe you want to make another $1000+ per month on the side)
  • Different ways to become a full time entrepreneur (maybe you want to go REALLY BIG!)

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Thanks for reading and welcome to the blog. You are now officially an entrepreneur!! Enjoy